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In all roles I've undertaken, I've always thought and understood the clients and customers mindsets, needing to both problem-solve and design accordingly to their needs.


I've enhanced user experience by considering a person’s emotions, attitudes and actions when using services and products so I feel my transferable skills is a natural progression to enter a career into the world of UX.

Naturally curious, empathetic as well as observant, have I love to ask questions but understand the importance of listening, and take great pride in often being encouraging to others.

I'm passionate to see that customer journeys are woven with brand purpose and promise whilst continuous improving touchpoints and enhancing products and services to achieve maximum positive impact and positive change. 

From brief interpretation to planning, understanding the process to advocate user-centred design techniques, I understand how insights are gained from existing and primary research, to set up and running of user testing and research.

Wanting to create award-winning experiences, I design carefully crafted UX deliverables such as site maps, wireframes, user journeys, prototypes, experience maps.

With the right software and tools, I've got a good understanding of how UX can complement and collaborate with you to service the client.


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