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As someone who also believes in the philosophy of delivering positive change to modern businesses, I blend insight, strategy and imagination, to help build and explore new opportunities and problems.

With over 10 years of experience helping to grow creative agencies, production houses and photographers, I build your new business from a wave that rises and falls to a more progressive and stable growth trajectory. 

From goal and campaign planning, agency positioning to just marketing support, I’ve been the gatekeeper of CRM, a detective whiz for new clients, goal builder to harvesting new relationships.

All topped up with a sharp eye for new talent and opportunities, let's take your business to the next level.

My values of curiosity, creativity and collaboration have brought insight, ideas and growth, which has transformed them to think bigger, engage better and nurture relationships. 

I've worked with clients who need strategic advice and direction, whereas others have needed help to establish their marketing function and require ongoing support thereafter.

In a many hats approach, here are some of the services I can help you with.  

Agency planning 

Are you all set for the year ahead?

Using insight-led research, I help set clearer goals that are realistic to implement and cut through the noise of your competitors.

Keeping my finger on the pulse of the latest trends and opportunities, I can help you drill down specific brands and agencies in which to explore new markets. 

Business Development

Working for 10 years across the advertising industry, I have combined my creative side, design thinking with partnering and building relationships, all topped up with a sharp eye for new talent and opportunities.

Helping you to get noticed, I can help you to lead with value and purpose by: 

  • Strengthening your agency's growth strategy

  • Defining key user personas, 

  • Competitor and target market analysis

  • Planning new business and marketing campaigns 

  • Lead generation for new markets, artists and clients and regular outreach.

  • Building brand and roster awareness.  

  • Creating engaging e-mailers and marketing activities.

I believe that every business has a strategic story, and every story is unique as are the people within the organisation. 

Marketing and websites

Using my marketing know-how and experience in UX, I can help improve both marketing collateral and customer journeys by enhancing the flow on your website.​​

  • CRM Management

  • Social Media

    • Planning and implementations

  • Web design and UX services 

    • Define key user personas

    • Customer journey ​planning 

    • Site mapping

    • User flows and exploring design solutions 

  • Graphics

    • Pitch & treatment design

    • Graphic design

    • Logo design
    • Email design

Food Hall
Tabletop directors & Production

New Business & Marketing

  • Building a new and global client base for a food and beverage production company. 

  • New Business and Marketing Campaign Planning.

  • Lead generation for new markets and clients.

  • Building brand and roster awareness.  

  • Creating engaging e-mailers and marketing activities.

  • Regular outreach

In guiding and developing artists, I help the directors to understand the industry and build on their current skills. This includes the creation of showreels; feeding back on the artists' work; keeping in touch with artists regularly; managing artists' diaries; finding supportive clients for learning opportunities; helping find sponsorship for self-initiated projects, and helping artists to interpret briefs.


By bringing together relationships with agency producers, creatives and ECDs, I have a keen interest in the production process, with a real desire to engage with the creative side of the job, all topped by a sharp eye for new talent and opportunities.

Food Hall Showreel 2021-low.gif

Finding and securing new directors and food stylists talent and keeping on top of the latest creative trends.

In addition to projects, I look for opportunities to engage with festivals, panels, events, and industry initiatives to celebrate Food Hall and its directors and culture. I help to explore viable avenues for Food Halls promotion with PR.

Film Locker

New Business

Working across New Business and PR

Identifying markets to grow into.

Lead Generation for sustainable data


Developing new business and a 

social media content plan.  

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 09.20.45.png

At Trayler

Telling impactful stories through film and photography

New Business & Marketing

Quickly becoming the new business detective, I soon brought the agency and its roster to the eyes of new advertising and design agencies and brands.

  • Developing and implementing both sales and marketing strategies to secure advertising campaigns and commercial work. 

  • Designing and copywriting marketing campaigns from mail-outs to social media.

  • Highlighting the need for a brand strategy to enhance both the founder's and agency's reputation as key figures in the industry. 

  • Managed and maintained the CRM.

  • Identifying and recommending new markets and new artists that could fit well within At Trayler. 

At Trayler.png

RARE by Trayler 

Boutique Food and drink photographic agency

New Business & Marketing

Building a new and global client base for commercial food and drink photographers, stylists, and directors. 
Lead generation for new markets and clients.

Marketing Campaign Planning.

Building brand development and awareness for both artists and the agency.
Creating engaging e-mailers and marketing activity.

Creating social media and website content. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 09.54.24.png

Creative Corners

Creative Corners Organiser

Working in partnership with world-renowned and award-winning portrait photographer

Tom Oldham, we are building creative libraries in deprived schools around the UK.

With a call to arms, we collect creative books and equipment to give to underfunded schools.

Strategic and marketing planning

Logo design and branding

Photo 10-07-2019, 15 11 48.jpg
creative corners 2.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 23.52.34.png


Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 09.14.47.png
SAL HENLEY ONLY Logo Final July 2023.png
Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 18.07.28.png

The Association of Photographers


Working across marketing, membership, and events on both the AOP Awards and Student Awards 2019. 

Marketing Campaign Planning and implementation

Brand Development

Content marketing

Identifying markets and areas to grow into.

Event support.

Designed marketing material

Developing Social media content. 

Find A Photographer.gif

Have you got a problem

that you can't work

out how to solve?

Do you want to grow your business, but don’t require a full-time new business or marketing manager?

Or need extra support for your campaigns?

Problems come in all shapes and sizes so I can help you with 

enhancing your marketing plan, a new website,

or support with an event or product launch? 


Want to explore positive businesses with a heart

for social impact and positive change whilst

delivering business tips for modern businesses?

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