About me


I’ve been the gatekeeper of CRM, a detective whiz for new clients, marketing guru and support crutch.

Naturally curious and empathetic as well as observant, I love to ask questions but understand the importance of listening, and take great pride in often being encouraging to others.

I'm passionate about exploring positive businesses with a heart for social impact and positive change whilst delivering business tips for modern businesses

I have a strong aesthetic sense for design ideas and imagination, often exploring new designs and styles with ease.

My problem-solving skills has led to spot new ideas and opportunities for creative businesses to communicate positive and adventurous ways through engaging and inspiring ideas.


I strive to find missions that I believe will help make a positive change in our societies, from educational initiatives or creative oriented projects, as well as solutions around technology.

Some of the reasons clients choose to work with me are the diversity of my ideas, continuous adaptability, and interpersonal skills.


My values are passion, care, creativity, and positive change. 

With over 10 years of experience in artist management, marketing and new business, 

drop me a line to find out how I can help you start growing your business.

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