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Kate Philipson

Illustration, murals and icons

Creative Corners

Creative Corners Organiser

Working in partnership with world-renowned and award-winning portrait photographer

Tom Oldham, we are building creative libraries in deprived schools around the UK.

With a call to arms, we collect creative books and equipment to give to underfunded schools.

Strategic and marketing planning

Logo design and branding

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Bim Burton furniture design


Building a furniture brand for small spaces. 


Website Design & Development

Strategic planning

Event planning and design

Lead Generation


Bim Burton Design.png

Past case Studies

At Trayler

New Business 

Quickly becoming the new business detective, I soon brought the agency and its roster to the eyes of new advertising and design agencies and brands like Huawei, Coty and Levi's. 

  • Developing and implementing both sales and marketing strategies to secure advertising campaigns and commercial work. 

  • Designing and copywriting marketing campaigns from mail-outs to social media.

  • Developed a PR strategy to highlight the founder's reputation as key figures in the industry. 

  • Manage and maintained CRM.

  • Identifying and recommending new markets and new artists that could fit well within At Trayler. 

At Trayler.png

RARE by Trayler

New Business 

Building a new and global client base for commercial food and drink photographers, stylists, and directors. 
Lead generation for new markets and clients.

Marketing Campaign Planning.

Building brand development and awareness for both artists and the agency.
Creating engaging e-mailers and marketing activity.

Creating social media and website content. 

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The Association of Photographers


Working across marketing, membership, and events on both the AOP Awards and Student Awards 2019. 

Marketing Campaign Planning and implementation

Brand Development

Content marketing

Identifying markets to grow into

Lead Generation

Designed marketing material

Developing Social media content. 

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If you have any questions, please email me at

Lucy took on the role of overseeing a total redesign of two of our websites which involved liaising with the web designer from start to completion.

Even continuing the project even though she had left the company. 

Her loyalty is very well respected. 

Anita Grossman 

Lucy's thinking has given us a huge head start for when we do begin a branding project, so thank you. 

Little Buffalo 

UX Design project


Creative ways for learning English through creativity for Children

Byway Travel

UX Design project

Enabling a smoother booking customer journey for the user


Mingle app  

UX Design project

Finding ways to make friends and knowing how to help your local community when you feel disconnected from each other.

Mingle app Lucy Burton

Bim Burton furniture design

UX Design project

Creating a website for a furniture designer who designs timeless pieces with space-saving ideas.

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I feel my skills of being naturally curious, tenacious yet empathic are great for wanting to progress my career in UX Design. Whilst my background has been across various creative industries, from graphic design, photography, advertising through to business development, I think my career has many transferable skills.


Always keen to spot opportunities, my design thinking skills to which have been used across all job roles, from problem-solving all clients, artists and agency briefs and issues.

Knowing I have collaborative skills, visual communication and empathy, I wanted to expand my interaction design, user research, wireframing and analytical skills, so I embarked General assembly course.

I'm keen to work in both the UX and digital worlds to help make a positive change in our societies, from educational initiatives or creative oriented projects, as well as solutions around technology.

I love to ask questions but understand the importance of listening, especially without judgment. Naturally empathetic, I make time curious, loving to learn whilst being self motivated. 

I have a strong aesthetic sense for design, exploring new designs and styles with ease. I’ve brought clarity through finding patterns, defining purpose, and storytelling. I’ve enabled creative and fulfilling partnerships between creatives and brands, having a deep understanding of the commercial world. 

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