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Are you on the hunt for some new clients? 

Do you need a review of your business or website from a neutral perspective?

Is your marketing singing the right notes and to the right people? 

Are you at a standstill but you want some fresh ideas in moving forward? 

Or do you just need some organization or advice for the future?


With over ten years of experience working for award-winning photographers and illustrators and photo agencies, all helping to boost up their creative businesses through engaging and thought-provoking ideas. 

Working across food and drink, beauty, portraiture, sports, and lifestyle, I've help to nurture the early to the established creatives with their artistic and commercial careers.


I’ve been the gatekeeper of CRM, a detective whiz for finding new clients, marketing guru. I've built step by step frameworks in moving both creatives and their businesses forward, supporting new business, artist management, marketing, and project management.

I've organised exhibitions in advertising foyers, portfolio meetings, redesigned websites, and designed marketing materials to be seen under the right eyes.

This can also be on an ad-hoc and project basis. 



Gaining new business

Strategic marketing and business planning


Portfolio/Website review and progression 

Advice on client market place expansion 

Creative inspiration and personal work development 

Social media planning and implementation

Getting organised

Creative Corners

Creative Corners Organiser

Working in partnership with world-renowned and award-winning portrait photographer

Tom Oldham, we are building creative libraries in deprived schools around the UK.

With a call to arms, we collect creative books and equipment to give to underfunded schools.

Strategic and marketing planning

Logo design and branding

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creative corners 2.png

I would thoroughly recommend Lucy as a creative partner.

She’s experienced and knowledgable yes, but also on the front foot when it comes to making connections – which after all is the bit we photographers all hate.

She was the driving force behind Creative Corners and has really encouraged the project along. I’m super grateful and can’t wait for our next project.

Tom Oldham


If you have any questions, please email me at

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