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I help grow new business, develop marketing strategies, and design marketing collateral for creative, photography and motion agencies.  

By communicating in positive and adventurous ways, through engaging and inspiring ideas, I help new businesses progress from a wave that rises and falls, to a more progressive and stable growth trajectory.  

From providing new business support, to lead generation and nurturing relationships, I work alongside you to grow your business.  I help you to identify and attract both your ideal audience and clients.

Agency planning - 

Are you all set for the year ahead?

Using insight-led research, I help set clearer goals that are realistic to implement and cut through the noise of your competitors.

Keeping my finger on the pulse of the latest trends and opportunities, I can help you drill down specific brands and agencies in which to explore new markets. 

Business Development

Working for 10 years across the advertising industry, I have combined my creative side, design thinking with partnering and building relationships, all topped up with a sharp eye for new talent and opportunities.

Helping you to get noticed, I can help you to lead with value and purpose.

I believe that every business has a strategic story, and every story is unique as are the people within the organisation. 

Marketing and websites

Using my marketing know-how and experience in UX,  I can help improve both marketing collateral and customer journeys by enhancing the flow on your website.


I've worked with clients who need strategic advice and direction, whereas others have needed help to establish their marketing function and require ongoing support thereafter. I help clients refine and design their email marketing strategy, pitch decks to enhance ideas for blogging and events.


I can also work on an ad hoc basis for one-off projects.

We all struggle with not having enough time in the day. Outsourcing your new business and marketing activities can give you some of your time back.

Client: Food Hall London
Food Hall is an award-winning creative agency and production house specialising in high-quality promotional content for the food and drink industry.

I've helped to build a new and global client base for this food and beverage production company and their global roster. 

  • New Business and Marketing Campaign Planning.

  • Built a strategic plan for 3 years of the business

  • Lead generation for new markets and clients.

  • Building brand and roster awareness.  

  • Creating engaging e-mailers and marketing activities.

  • Enhancing the UX and customer journey of the website.


By bringing together relationships with agency producers, creatives and ECDs, I have a keen interest in the production process, with a real desire to engage with the creative side of the job, my keen instinct has brought new talent and opportunities to the agency.

Food Hall Showreel 2021-low.gif

In addition to projects, I look for opportunities to engage with festivals, panels, events, and industry initiatives to celebrate Food Hall and its directors and culture. I help to explore viable avenues for Food Halls promotion with PR.

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I would thoroughly recommend Lucy as a creative partner.

She’s experienced and knowledgable yes, but also on the front foot when it comes to making connections – which after all is the bit we photographers all hate.

She was the driving force behind Creative Corners and has really encouraged the project along. I’m super grateful and can’t wait for our next project.




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New Business


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