Mingle App

This was a 3 month-long project where I created a App for my General assembly course. 

. This case study focuses on the assignment reporting portion of the project.

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Whether you have recently moved to your area or are long-standing residents, making friends, knowing how to help your local community, or ask advice can feel disconnected from each other.

It's very much down to the area of how supportive the local community can be online. 


How people use social networks to gain information but are unsure as to what they want their outcomes too convey. Do they want to make friends? Do they just want to be noticed or are lonely?

Social listening

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3 Target groups

I chose three target groups that I 

felt needs to be more connected with

each other, no matter where you live

in the world. 


I interviewed people living abroad, as well as my local community.  

In my local community, I interviewed 3 residence, 2 businesses and 1 service.


I also sent out a survey to my local community survey which got 16 results. 

This community doesn’t have a big community Facebook page but uses Nextdoor.com

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From my research, I identified three main users to which I made profiles of each. 

How might we..

encourage more people to connect with each other with real connections, be supportive of businesses and to encourage more local support? 

Business support

Building a


Finding friends 

User flows

In my research, I looked at how dating websites displayed the characteristics of a person, the visual ways of how they are displayed and what is missing in the journey. 

I felt there is more of a need for why people would like to meet, other than just dating. 

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I researched a range of ages at how they used various community groups, social platforms, and talking to each other about events. 

I found older generations used Facebook and local websites as well as word of mouth but found it hard to remember when these events were unless they placed them into their own personal diary. 

And not all features were easily displayed or used across groups by users. 


I found that there were no standard groups across social media, for eg, it was up to each community to make their own groups which had a huge effect on someone moving to a different area and had previously relied on social media for events, to find there wasn't any in the new area. 

Keeping to the three points of friendships, business and community projects, I found that a good way to link both these subjects was through events, so I added an events and groups feature. 


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